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alison macdonald

A flamenco dancer with over 20 years of training and performance experience. Alison's studies began in Andalucia, Spain where she gained a strong foundation in flamenco technique and expression along with an appreciation for the depth and history of the artform.


Alison recently co-directed and performed in the first F for Flamenco Festival in Toronto April 3-7, 2024. Co-directed with flamenco performers Tamar Ilana and Lia Grainger, The festival embraces the true essence of flamenco by bringing international and local artist together to share their art and make new connections.

As a member of the Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company, she has received a Dora Mavor Moore Award Nomination in the category of best performance ensemble and looks forward to the 2024 season production AMOR.


She was also co-founder of the collective, Triana Project  and a member of Compañia Carmen Romero. 


Alison is active in the Toronto flamenco community and curates and co-produce the monthly dance series of flamenco performances called La Cueva and teaches classes in the downtown Toronto area. 

Alison is currently creating her latest project ALCHEMY which brings together flamenco and contemporary dancers in an exciting collaboration

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